Boardy ALL BLACK + Mudguard (Limited Special Edition) OUT OF STOCK



Brand new limited edition advanced kick scooter, the Boardy ALL BLACK (normal board flexibility), foldable model.


Breathtaking design with black carbon fiber coating on top and bottom of the board, special ALL BLACK griptape design, black anodized aluminum parts, rims, spokes and brake booster, very best quality heavy duty hubs with sealed bearings and unique black hand brake. Comes with orange handle bar clamps.

This is our most advanced model with super strong carbon fibre and heavy duty wheel hubs by Miche that withstand harsh conditions.

The Boardy ALL BLACK will guarantee the same perfect ride comfort as other Boardys.

 All boards have been tested with over 220 kg (485 lbs) load.

This scooter (normal flexibility) is best suited for adults up to 100 kg (220 lbs) in body weight. XXL model also available.

    (The floor stand is available separately as an accessory.) 



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Mezei Elmira (Gödöllő, HU)
      Loving it!

      I love my Boardy. It takes scootering to another level. I've been using an ordinary shop bought scooter for 2 years but this is a whole new experience. Smooth, fast, easy to pedal.

      R. (Saarbrücken, DE)
      Fast, fun and flawless experience

      I had been thinking about getting a Boardy for several years, since it would not be a cheap failure to buy it if you end up not using it. Now that I have it, I do not want to miss it. The building quality is nothing short from impressive. It is so much fun to ride the Boardy that I'm looking for excuses to get out and grab something. ("Honey, I'm going to get us some croissants... yes the good ones from the other side of the city.")
      It's also a perfect tool to go out on a trip with my little son on his balance bike. Boardy is also fast enough when he will start riding a bicycle and I can stay on the sidewalk with him.
      Moreover, the customer service is outstanding. I am 100% satisfied.

      Jonny M (Farnham, GB)
      Pride and joy

      Well, it's been a good six months now so happy to share some thoughts. This is my third kick scooter (I have a Xootr MG, no longer used (wouldn't touch anything with polyurethane wheels) and a Swifty One MK3), and if I had to choose only one, it's the Boards hands down. The flex in the board makes for a really comfortable and fun ride. It doesn't fold down quite as small as the Swifty but the low weight more than compensates. The build quality is exceptional - form and function combined. I love it, and look for any excuse to use it (the London commute (pre-Covid ;), the shopping run, out withe kids' bikes in the park). The only scenario is can see my reaching for the Swifty is in very bad weather (snow, ice, heavy rain) as the larger wheels and rear foot brake might offer a safer ride (in car terms, the Swifty feels like a range rover while the Boards is more an Evoque. That may or may not make sense to you ;) Haven't hit the bad weather in the UK here yet so I'll update later in the year. Final words: if you're looking at this thing and wondering, do it. It's an exceptional and unique product. Many thanks to Andras for making life that bit more fun.

      Frank Vries (Rotterdam, NL)
      The black ride

      I saw the brand on Instagram, contacted them and they are really helpful. Shipped it on wednesday and had it in hand 2 days later.
      The build quality is amazing, took her for a ride and I just love it.

      Keep up the good work guys.

      Wendy (Clapham, GB)
      Awesome Boardy and great service

      My Boardy was delivered very speedily and arrived in perfect condition. The quality of parts and build is superb. Assembly was easy as well. The All Black limited edition looks amazing! The Boardy ride is super comfortable and so much fun over varied terrain. I look forward to scooting everywhere. Great service, thank you!

      Flexibilité exceptionnelle – force unique

      Grâce à son plateau en hêtre et de ses fibres de verre le Boardy est particulièrement flexible et confortable. Il s’adapte à tous les types de terrains.

      Le plateau flexible du Boardy ne permet pas uniquement de rouler confortablement sur tous types de terrains, mais il est également extrêmement résistant grâce à ses fibres de verre.

      Lors des essais le Boardy a supporté sans problème une une charge de 220 kg. Ainsi, la trottinette Boardy respect tous les standards définis par l’Union européenne.

      Les clients ont la possibilité de choisir le plateau qui convient le mieux à leur poids.

      Boardy ENFANT pour nos clients les plus jeunes, idéal jusqu’à 45 kg.

      „Boardy standard” pour des utilisateurs jusqu’à 100kg

      La version XL de Boardy a été pensé pour supporter une charge maximale de 120kg

      La version XXL de Boardy est capable de tenir une charge jusqu’à 140 kg.

      Commande exceptionnelle requise Pour vote trottinette vous pouvez choisir des plateaux en bambou, acajou, érable, racine de noyer, etc… avec revêtement en fibre de carbone.

      Le confort des diverses versions est identique.

      Pliable et extrêmement légère

      Le Boardy est fabriqué pour des adultes ainsi sa taille est parfaite. De plus, il est facilement transportable et ne prends pas de place une fois plié.

      Vous pouvez plier et ouvrir votre trottinette en quelques secondes grâce à son guidon unique QuckFold en aluminium.

      D’après les testeurs, le Boardy est la trottinette la plus légère parmi les trottinettes de la même taille. Le Boardy pèse uniquement 5,8 kg.

      Le Boardy est extrêmement léger donc on peut facilement le porter avec une seule main, vous pouvez également la plier et la rouler sur sa roue arrière.

      Le Boardy plié ne prend pas beaucoup de place donc vous pouvez facilement le garder dans votre appartement, dans une armoire ou dans le coffre de votre voiture.

      De plus, le Boardy est facilement transportable dans les transports en commun. Vous voulez faire des courses ? Le Boardy n’est pas une obstacle, bien au contraire : vous pouvez le plier et le tirer ou le pousser facilement dans le supermarché.

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